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Our team of storage solution experts are here to help you!

We start off with design of your mezzanine platform, this includes us better understanding your needs, mezzanine use, the mezzanine size and weight capacities etc.

  After size and design is determined your order is sent of to the engineers who will determine all that is needed to make your mezzanine up to code.

Once the engineers are finished with the drawings your mezzanine system will be put into production at the manufacturing plant. 

Once production is complete at the plant, your mezzanine will be carefully packaged for transport and shipped directly to your location.

Once the shipment arrives our skilled and properly trained team will come in unload the mezzanine and start installation of the mezzanine platform.

We are also available for maintenance and repair of mezzanine platforms.

We not only sell mezzanines, we also sell other warehouse equipment such as pallet racks, heavy duty industrial shelving, long span shelving, cantilever rack, rolling ladders, dock plates, dock boards, pallet trucks, pallet stackers, industrial scales, carts, storage cabinets and much more!

We also have our own installation crews available for all industrial storage system related applications, we are available for pallet rack installations, dismantles, relocations, repairs, adjustments and so on!

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